Mariusz Urbański, PhD, Eng.
tel. (22) 814 50 25
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Has been working in the Road and Bridge Research Institute since 1986.
Between 1990 and 2001 was the deputy manager of the Bridge Department, and was promoted to the position of the Department’s manager in 2002. On 1 April 2009 was appointed acting Deputy Director of the Institute.

Is a licensed designer and construction site manager for bridge facilities. Between 1994 and 2002 acted as the secretary of the Bridge Facilities Standardization Born on 02 February 1981 in Wałbrzych.
He graduated from the Faculty of Construction at Częstochowa University of Technology in 2006 with a Master Engineer degree in Technology, Organisation and Management in Construction. He was awarded his doctoral degree in technical sciences in the discipline of construction in 2014 from the Faculty of Construction at the Częstochowa University of Technology.

Since 2007, an employee of the Faculty of Construction at the Częstochowa University of Technology, employed as Assistant Professor. From 2017 to 2021, he held the position of a chief road and bridge specialist for the Roads and Public Utilities Authority. He is licensed to perform independent technical functions in the construction industry in the following areas: construction, hydraulic engineering, land reclamation, roads and bridges.

He supervised many construction industry, hydraulic, road and bridge construction projects in Silesia. For two terms he served as a court appointed expert in the construction industry at the Regional Court in Katowice. Author or co-author of dozens of scientific articles, expert opinions and technical opinions on the construction industry. Co-author of 2 patents obtained from the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.

Winner of the medal of the French Association of Inventors and Entrepreneurs 2009 Concours Lepine and gold medal (Toronto, Canada) and bronze medal (Warsaw, Poland) at the “Innovation Incubator 2.0” invention fair and exhibition in 2019.

Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences for the years 2019-2022.

On 01 August 2021 appointed by the Minister of Infrastructure Andrzej Adamczyk as the Director of the Road and Bridge Research Institute.