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Activity of the Road and Bridge Research Institute

The Road and Bridge Research Institute is a state-owned research & development entity, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Infrastructure (EDC 7310).

It is involved in research and development projects in the area of construction and maintenance of the road & bridge structures and facilities, specifically roads and road bridges, railway subgrades, railway bridges, and underground structures.

Activities of the Institute cover issues related to materials, engineering, organisation, economy and the environment.

The research subjects of recent years are primarily concerned with the issues of maintenance of transport structures, including implementation of the Road Surface Maintenance System, Bridge Management System and the developing of the advanced road and bridge maintenance techniques.

Institute’s activities encompass:
  • Basic research as well as R&D works in the area of the philosophy of road, bridge and airport pavement designing, construction and maintenance
  • Dissemination and implementation of the results of basic research and R&D projects
  • Analysis of the state of science and technology and setting out the development trends in the area of Institute’s activities
  • studies on the potential use in Poland of the achievements in the world’s science and technology
  • activities in the area of improving the methods of research work and R& D effort
  • research and engineering brainpower development
  • engineering staff training
  • international co-operation with the counterpart institutions, export operations and engineering consultancy
  • activities in the areas of inventions, standardisation (updating of the engineering regulations on a permanent basis) and metrology
  • industrial and intellectual property protection
  • publishing activities, scientific & technical information
  • certificates of admission for production or application of machines, equipment, materials and processes and quality certificates
  • expert’s opinions in the domain of road & bridge construction
  • arbitration opinions issued for the administration offices or courts
  • designing and engineering of prototypes and small-scale production of measuring instruments and research equipment
  • business or services activities in the area of road & bridge construction.
Research activities of the Institute are primarily focused on the following subjects:
  • principles of designing & engineering of road and airport pavements
  • principles of designing & engineering of road and rail engineering structures, including foundations
  • road and bridge construction & maintenance technology
  • roadworks mechanisation and organisation
  • evaluation of technical condition of roads and bridges
  • testing methods in the area of interest to the Institute
  • geotechnology in road & bridge construction
  • economics in road & bridge construction
  • searching for suitable materials for road & bridge construction and evaluation of their use
  • testing of physical and chemical properties of the materials used in road & bridge construction
  • use of waste materials form industry in road & bridge construction
  • traffic engineering
  • traffic safety
  • environmental protection during the designing, construction and use of roads, bridges and of other road engineering structures