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Projekty międzynarodowe

  1. EUREKA - „Multifunctional additive to road bitumens”, 2011-2012, UE,
  2. SPENS - Sustainable Pavements for European New member States, 2006-2009, 6 PR UE,
  3. PERSUADE - Poro-Elastic Road Surface: an innovation to Avoid Damages to the Environment 2009-2015; EC 7th Framework programme,
  4. Direct-MAT – EC 7th Framework programme “Sustainable Surface Transport”, 2009–2011;
  5. RE-ROAD – End of Life Strategies of Asphalt Pavements, 2009-2012, EC 7th Framework programme,
  6. ECO-SERVE, European Construction in Service of Society, 5PR UE, 2003-2006
Inne projekty realizowane przez Instytut Badawczy Dróg i Mostów