The Road and Bridge Research Institute within its scientific and research activity cooperates with many institutions and organizations both in Poland and abroad. The cooperation is multi-faceted and comprises scientific, training, implementation and publication issues.

The Institute's national partners include technical universities, scientific institutes, research and development units, road administration of various levels, local governments, production and executive enterprises and their representative offices - chambers and associations, as well as knowledge transfer centres and other institutions and persons operating in the area of road construction and transport sector.


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The Institute supports the activity of the Polish Committee for Standardization by running the secretariat of the national Technical Committee 212 for Road Construction and Maintenance. Moreover, the IBDiM employees participate in works of several technical committees.

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International cooperation is mainly related to the joint implementation of scientific and research projects and undertakings. The IBDiM experts participate in the work of international associations and hold important positions on the boards of prestigious road organizations. They also sit on advisory bodies, committees, working groups and exchange knowledge in organizations such as the International Transport Forum of the OECDConnected Cooperative and Automated Mobility Association - CCAM at the European Commission, Transport Research Board (TRB) and others.


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