Testing of construction materials and products:




Building accessories

Asphalt Pavement Technologies

Concrete Pavement Technologies

Modern methods of testing technical parameters of pavements

Assessment of the technical condition of national, provincial and district roads, airport surfaces

Road repair technologies

Winter and summer road maintenance

Consulting and technical supervision

Development of expert opinions and technical opinions



Design of structure and technology of bridge structures (bridges, viaducts, footbridges, flyovers) animal crossings, tunnels and culverts

Testing of materials, structural elements and equipment of bridge structures

Technical condition assessment of facilities along with diagnostic testing

Design and implementation of load tests on bridge structures - road and railroad ones

Structural monitoring under service loads and other field testing of bridge structures

Natural scale and model testing of bridge spans

Design and supervision of prestressing of bridge structures and production of prestressed prefabricated products

Development, testing and implementation of new technologies for construction, repair and maintenance of engineering structures

Corrosion protection of steel and reinforced concrete structures (materials testing, inspector supervision of coatings, expertise, technical consultancy, training)

Supervision, assessment and technical advice on the design and construction of bridge structures

Reviews and inspections of engineering structures

Issuing Certificates of Qualification recommending a given plant to manufacture or perform repairs and assembly of steel bridge structures, and a laboratory to perform tests on steel bridge structures



Specialized tests in the field of road and railroad geotechnical engineering - laboratory and field testing

Testing of soils, aggregates, geosynthetics, new materials and industrial waste, assessment of their quality and suitability

Methods of soil properties strengthening and improvement

Inspection of the execution of earthworks and road bases and railway subgrade

Development of expert opinions and technical opinions

Providing supervision over specialized engineering projects



Design of foundations of bridge structures, general and industrial buildings, especially intermediate foundations

Design of strengthening of existing foundations

Testing the foundations of bridge structures

Assessment of the quality of materials (soil, aggregates, geosynthetics) and inspection of the execution of earthworks as well as road and railroad substructures

Identification and determination of the suitability of new materials and industrial waste as well as methods for their improvement

Static and dynamic testing of foundation piles, micropiles and jetties

Technical advice on foundations and deep excavation protection

Development of expert opinions and technical opinions

Exercising supervision during construction of engineering structures



Smart Transport Systems

Transport telematics


Measurements related to the network of road meteorological stations


Autonomous road transport support systems

Urban mobility

Transport systems in a smart city

Reduction of local pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector



Crash tests of safety barriers, support structures, crash cushions

Assessments and technical opinions for road safety devices

Traffic noise

Testing of noise barrier elements, supervision of their replacement and installation

Verification and assessment of the condition of vertical signage and horizontal marking



Estimating the replacement value and wear value of the road network

Study work on the economic efficiency of design solutions

Preparation of multi-discipline design documentation including concepts, building permit designs and detailed designs for road infrastructure

Technical advice on applications for funding for road projects

Expert opinions, technical and economic opinions on road infrastructure

Analysis of the performance of road freight transport companies in supply chains and networks

Research on changes in behaviour and travel habits in urban transport

Research on the impact of road projects on the socio-economic development of regions

Analysis of the scale of traffic exclusion in the territory of Poland