Scope of activities:

Smart Transport Systems

  •  standardization in ITS systems,

  •  architecture of ITS systems,

  •  communication systems,

  •  transportation navigation systems,

  •  spatial information systems and databases,

  •  education on ITS systems

  •  integration of ITS systems

  •  road remote sensing,

  •  telemetry measurements on the road (traffic volume measurement, weighing, vehicles in motion, determination of pavement condition, camera monitoring, etc.).

Transportation Policy:

  • national and regional transportation policy,

  • coordination of urban policies: sustainable transportation and land use,

  • urban mobility management,

  • transportation systems in a smart city,

  • reduction of local pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector,

  • autonomous road transport support systems.

Studies related to the problems of winter and summer road maintenance.
Testing and evaluation of materials used for winter road maintenance.
Substantive development of national technical assessments and technical opinions for road safety devices.