Bridge Diagnostics and Repairs Unit

Scope of activities:

  • technical consulting on design, construction and technology of engineering and civil engineering structures, including their equipment

  • detailed reviews and inspections of engineering structures, expert opinions and technical opinions, technical condition assessments of engineering and civil engineering structures

  • structural failure/damage assessment with comprehensive cause and repair studies

  • assessment of the performance characteristics of construction products used in bridge construction in the process of issuing national and European technical assessments

  • development/technical advice and verification for all studies in the process of design and construction of engineering structures, performing design/scientific supervision

  • monitoring of structure condition and damage (field projects)

  • analysis and evaluation of load-bearing capacity, analyses and verification of static and strength calculations

  • participation in national and international programmes as well as research and academic projects in the field of bridge construction

  • implementation and evaluation of field and laboratory tests of structural materials, concrete repair and protection materials, insulation materials, and equipment elements of road engineering structures

  • supervision over the construction, replacement and installation of noise barrier elements

  • evaluation and verification of technical issues in the equipment of engineering structures

  • specialized evaluation and testing of construction products in the field of transportation construction

  • performance of works on behalf of contractors, manufacturers, governmental and local administration offices

  • developing guidelines, requirements and national road and rail standards, requirements for construction issues and materials used in bridge construction