The Economics Division has many years of experience in the field studying all major elements of transport infrastructure.

A team of specialists performs research on:


Sustainable transport

  • Analysis of social costs and solutions to reduce air pollutant emissions from the transportation sector.

Transport economics

  • Cost and benefit analysis of road and bridge investment projects and estimation of economic efficiency of infrastructure investment projects.

Road network management

  • Infrastructure valuation and consulting services for ongoing road maintenance strategy planning.

Road accident costs

  • Valuation of socio-economic costs of road accidents in Poland.

Scope of activities:

  • collecting, researching, and analysing data on the public road network,

  • recording of transport infrastructure expenses and costs in the aspect of EU recommendations,

  • national road network records,

  • research and analysis of road funding systems,

  • records of the road network for the needs of the Central Statistical Office,

  • evaluating the economic efficiency of projects.