The activities of the Pavement Diagnostics Division include issues related to the evaluation of technical parameters of pavements such as bearing capacity, longitudinal profile, transverse profile (ruts), anti-skid properties, and pavement condition. In the Division, we provide expert reports and opinions based on comprehensive studies performed both at the level of the road network and for road sections to be repaired.

The Pavement Diagnostics Division deals with materials used in road pavements, modern methods of testing technical parameters of pavements, mechanistic methods of dimensioning road pavement structures, and road safety.

In our work, we use modern methods of research and analyses and the extensive experience of a professional team of employees.


Scope of activities:

·         pavement design (structural dimensioning),

·         comprehensive assessment of the technical condition of the streets,

·         comprehensive assessment of the technical condition of roads,

·         assessment of the technical condition of airport pavements,

·         scientific supervision in measurement and processing of results,

·         evaluation of the anti-slip properties of the pavement,

·         assessment of the longitudinal and transverse profile (ruts) of the pavement,

·         pavement bearing capacity assessment,

·         visual assessment of pavement condition,

·         identification of structural layers of road pavements,

·         construction and service of SRT-3 measuring sets,

·         FWD measurement kit service.