The IBDiM offers innovative solutions for construction, repair and maintenance of roads and engineering structures. It designs, develops and carries out the research of sustainable, safe and state-of-the-art materials, technologies, methods and systems. With its scientific and implementation work, as well as expert opinions and consultations, the Institute supports investment projects, modernizations and repairs of roads and bridges and helps to introduce rational road network management systems. High qualifications and experience of scientific and engineering staff as well as cutting edge, often unique laboratory facilities are the Institute's assets beyond any doubt.

The Road and Bridge Research Institute cooperates with domestic and foreign organizations and research institutions. The aim of these activities is to adjust the Polish road infrastructure to European technological, environmental and social requirements.

The IBDiM is affiliated in the Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories FEHRL which associates leading European institutes dealing with road and bridge issues, and FERSI - Forum of European Road Safety Research Institutes.

The IBDiM experts participate in the work of international associations and hold important positions on the boards of prestigious road organizations.

The Institute is very active in international research projects, which results in projects carried out within the Framework Programmes of the European Union, the CORNET initiative, the EUREKA programme, the COST campaign and other research undertakings, e.g. the FEHRL own projects, CEDR, the CONNECT Euroregional project.

The IBDiM actively participates in initiatives of the National Centre for Research and Development, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Infrastructure, and the National Science Centre.

Implementing its mission of popularizing scientific and technical knowledge, the Institute has for years organized conferences, seminars and training courses aimed at transferring the latest knowledge and professional development of the participants.

The world's first Pontiseum, a permanent exhibition of “Bridges of the Vistula” was created on the Institute's grounds. Since 2014 one can admire the parts of the first permanent bridges of Warsaw, excavated from the bottom of the Vistula River, which have laid in the river sediments for over 70 years. Today, beautifully displayed, they are a monument of technical culture and an important component of the national heritage.

The Institute offers cooperation in the creation and implementation of new projects towards the development of transport infrastructure, as well as high quality expertise, research and technical analysis for the needs of the sector.

We look forward to working with you!