Organizational and Financial Deputy Director


Wiesław Liszewski, Msc. C. Eng.
tel. (22) 814 50 25
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Born on 22 September 1971 in Myszków.          

He graduated from the Faculty of Construction and Environmental Protection in the Department of Organization and Management of Construction Processes, where he was granted his Engineer’s degree in 1996. He completed his Master's degree in 2003 and has been continuously affiliated with the Faculty of Construction at Częstochowa University of Technology ever since.

He holds the license to perform independent technical functions in the construction industry in the speciality of civil engineering and construction, to design and manage construction works without limitations on building structures, road and bridge structures.
In addition, he is certified by the Monument Conservator to conduct, manage and supervise construction works on historical monuments, and he holds the title of cost appraiser by the Association of Construction Appraisers. He is the author of numerous construction designs, technical expertise including construction disasters and cost estimates, and scientific publications.