The Static and Dynamic Test Bench for Structural (Bridge) Elements - STEND was established in the early 1990s.
The STEND bench allows comprehensive testing of entire bridge spans and life-size individual structural elements of bridges under any simulated static and dynamic load. Tests can be carried out under a maximum load of 16,000 kN.


STEND is made of an 80.0 m long and 12.0 m wide reinforced concrete foundation with a system of appropriate anchors, together with a hall and a steel frame as a retaining structure for the hydraulic load forcing devices,
STEND is equipped with:

  • a system of hydraulic cylinders together with a control and power supply system, allowing for full control over the forced loads in real time,
  • a data collection and archiving system that allows the measurement of a number of parameters describing the course of changes occurring in the investigated structures.

The design of the test frame, the reinforced concrete foundation and the hall allows for life-size testing of bridges/engineering structures or other large dimension structures of unlimited lengths.
A set of hydraulic cylinders together with a set of measuring devices allows for testing of individual large-dimension structural elements, such as life-size bridge structures under any simulated static and dynamic load. This makes it possible to determine and verify the actual strength parameters of the test structure.