The Foundation Division deals with the problems of roads, railroads as well as general and industrial construction.

A team of specialists performs research work on:

  • the assessment of the quality of materials (soil, aggregates, geosynthetics) and inspection of the execution of earthworks as well as road and railroad substructures,

  • the identification and determination of the suitability of new materials and industrial waste as well as methods for their improvement,

  • the use of special soil improvement methods,

  • the technical consulting, expert opinions, specialized supervision, model projects and other services concerning road works and foundation works in difficult geotechnical and terrain conditions.


Scope of foundation activities:

  • testing the foundations of bridge structures,

  • research, expert opinions, supervision in the field of foundations of bridges, general and industrial construction,

  • substantive preparation of approvals and technical opinions for new materials and solutions,

  • technical advice on foundations and deep excavation protection,

  • design of foundations of bridge structures, general and industrial buildings, especially intermediate foundations,

  • design of strengthening of existing foundations,

  • implementation of scientific and technical achievements in the field of foundations.

  • conducting supervisions during construction of engineering structures



The Foundation Division has a dedicated field laboratory for pile testing, which is responsible for testing pile bearing capacity and testing the continuity of pile shafts using the low stress waveform method.