• Design of foundations of bridge structures, general and industrial buildings, especially intermediate foundations

  • Design of strengthening of existing foundations

  • Testing the foundations of bridge structures

  • Assessment of the quality of materials (soil, aggregates, geosynthetics) and inspection of the execution of earthworks as well as road and railroad substructures

  • Identification and determination of the suitability of new materials and industrial waste as well as methods for their improvement

  • Static and dynamic testing of foundation piles, micropiles and jetties

  • Technical advice on foundations and deep excavation protection

  • Development of expert opinions and technical opinions

  • Exercising supervision during construction of engineering structures


TF oferta


  • Specialized tests in the field of road and railroad geotechnical engineering - laboratory and field testing

  • Testing of soils, aggregates, geosynthetics, new materials and industrial waste, assessment of their quality and suitability

  • Methods of soil properties strengthening and improvement

  • Inspection of the execution of earthworks and road bases and railway subgrade

  • Development of expert opinions and technical opinions

  • Providing supervision over specialized engineering projects