• testing of road, modified and other asphalts,

  • testing of asphalt emulsions,

  • evaluation of the properties of asphalts and asphalt emulsions in relation to the requirements of PN-EN standards

  • extended evaluation of asphalt properties (rheological properties, functional properties according to PG, group composition, rheological tests in a DMA rheometer, microscopic evaluation)

  • modification of asphalt binders,

  • testing of asphalt additives,

  • scientific and research work,

  • control studies, expert opinions, scientific and technical opinions,

  • implementation of new technical and technological solutions.



1.   Asphalt penetration

PN-EN 1426

2.   Asphalt softening temperature according to ball and ring method

PN-EN 1427

3.   Fraass asphalt breaking point

PN-EN 12593

4.   Ductility with force measurement

PN-EN 13589,
PN-EN 13703

5.   Spring return

PN-EN 13398

6.   Viscosity

ASTM D 4402

7.   Kinematic viscosity

PN-EN 12595

8.   Dynamic viscosity

PN-EN 12596

9.   Ignition temperature by the Cleveland open-cup method

PN-EN ISO 2592

10.   Content of parts insoluble in n-heptane

ASTM D 4124

11.   Content of parts insoluble in toluene


12.   Determination of solubility

PN-EN 12592

13.   Determination of density and relative density

PN-EN ISO 3838

14.   Paraffin content

PN-EN 12606

15.   Adhesion to aggregates


16.   Storage resistance of modified asphalts

PN-EN 13399

17.   RTFOT simulation of technological ageing

PN-EN 12607-1

18.   PAV simulation of operational ageing

PN-EN 14769

19.   G* composite modulus, δ phase shift angle under load in the operating temperature range of the DSR dynamic shear rheometer

PN-EN 14470

20.   Creep and relaxation under MSCR repeated stress pulse

ASTM D7405

21.   Low-temperature creep tests in the Bending Beam Rheometer (BBR)

PN-EN 14771

22.   Physical hardening tests


23.   Adhesion to aggregates

PN-EN 12697-11 (A)

24.   Cohesion tests on modified asphalts - Vialit impact method

PN-EN 13588

25.   Testing in a dynamic mechanistic analyser (DMA) allowing for measurements in bending, tension, compression, shear over a wide range of frequencies and temperatures  
26.   Evaluation of polymer dispersion in modified asphalts by fluorescence microscopy

PN-EN 13632

27.   Group composition studies of asphalts by thin layer chromatography (TLC) with flame ionization detector (FID)  
28.   Binder runoff

PN-EN 12697-18

29.   FTiR infrared spectroscopy tests.  
30.   Emulsion testing, testing according to EmA-99

PN-EN 13808