• geosynthetics (glass, glass-carbon, steel and other meshes)

  • asphalt and rubber expansion joint tapes, sealants, hot and cold road grouts

  • additives: adhesive agents, WMA additives (hot), refreshing agents (rejuvenator type)

  • cellulose fibres, polymer fibres, rubber granulates and rubber-asphalt

  • concrete primers

  • waterproofing membranes, joint sealants

  • waste materials and their use in road construction (recycling)

  • aggregates and mineral fillers (to a limited extent)

  • materials with engineering applications (elastomers, rubber) – testing of rheological properties


  1. Asphalt and priming solutions
    • water content according to EN ISO 9029
    • viscosity / flow time according to EN ISO 2431

  2. asphalt and rubber expansion joint tapes, hot grouts:
    • full range of tests according to National Technical Assessments, WT-2, ZTV-Fug StB, EN 13880-x, SNV 671920, DIN 52123

  3. Cold road grouts
    • testing according to PN-EN 14187 series standards

  4. Mineral aggregates and mineral fillers
    • basic range according to PN-EN 13043

  5. Geosynthetics
    • tensile strength
    • surface weight
    • durability (UV ageing)

  6. Adhesive agents and emulsifiers
    • adhesion of asphalts to aggregates according to PN-B-06714/22 and PN-EN 12697-11 (A)
    • thermostability
    • water resistance according to PN-EN 12697-12

  7. Precast concrete products
    • roughness index, slip resistance
    • pendulum measurement
    • macro-texture depth according to EN 13036-1

  8. Rheological tests of solids in a DMA rheometer in the temperature range from -100 to 600 degrees Celsius (rubber, elastomers, etc.)