•  road, bridge and airport pavements,

  •  technology for asphalt, cobblestone, resin and other pavements

  •  design of (new and reinforced) flexible and semi-rigid pavements (mechanistic and catalogue methods, deflection method)

  •  pavement rehabilitation and repair technology

  •  inspections and acceptance tests for asphalt pavements

  •  sampling of the pavement

  •  design supervision, technological, scientific and laboratory supervision

  •  expert opinions, technical and court opinions

  •  development of technical requirements, detailed technical specifications for the execution and acceptance of construction works and technical  recommendations

  •  verification, optimization and evaluation of pavement designs taking into account the evaluation of economic effects

  •  special pavements e.g. tram and bus, railroad and tramway crossing pavements

  •  implementation of special technological solutions:

    •  weekend renovations,

    •  partial repair methods (microwave heaters, infrared heaters),

    •  long-life pavements,

    •  noise-reduced pavements,

    •  pavements with increased resistance to permanent deformation,

    •  anti-cracking layers,

    •  bus bay pavements,

    •  paving sett pavements,

    •  bike path pavements,

    •  coloured pavements,

  •  elaboration of technology of pavement structure reinforcement with the use of geosynthetics

  •  elaboration of technology of pavement hardening with cold mixtures, GE mixtures, mixtures stabilized with hydraulic and resinous binders

  •  supervision of the design and implementation of cold thin overlays, emulsion stabilization, pavement hardening,

  •  Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

  •  testing the noise level of road pavements,

  •  seminars and training courses on road pavements.



 1.    Pavement thickness

 PN-EN 12697-36

 2.    Sampling (non-compacted MMA and pavement boreholes)

 PN-EN 12697-27

 3.    Compaction ratio

 PN-EN 13108-20

 4.    Interlaminar shear according to Leutner

 ALP A−StB Teil 4, Zeszyt 66/2004 IBDiM

 5.    Noise measurement